The Catalyst

How YOU Can Become an Extraordinary Growth Leader

Managers have been handed ambitious growth targets with little guidance on how to hit them, either from their bosses or from the business books out there. Stories about Steve Jobs and the iPod and the kids at Google won't yield much practical advice for operating managers running existing businesses. Mid-level managers may have absolutely no clue where to begin in the quest for growth; or they may have some ideas but not a shred of data to prove that any of them will move the revenue needle. And these managers face not only stretch goals but also, paradoxically, the many obstacles to achieving them – such as inflexible processes and a passion for data and analysis – that are common in large organizations.

Video: The Catalyst by Jeanne Liedtka, Robert Rosen & Robert Wiltbank (5:33):

Video: Darden Professor and Author Jeanne Liedtka on The Catalyst (5:03):

The most valuable lessons for these managers come straight from their peers: the managers within mature, established corporations who have the talent and skill for driving organic growth. Like chemical catalysts, they make things happen – quickly – that wouldn't without them, mostly by virtue of their ability to navigate between two worlds: the corporate world, designed for stability and control, and the entrepreneurial world, which is defined by uncertainty. It is the stories of these growth leaders that the authors tell in The Catalyst.